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TADPT2 replaces TADPT1. TADPT2 Thermostat Adapter allows connection of 24VAC thermostats to Samsung HVAC systems. TADPT2 will allow control one or two indoor units (on the same system) with a 24VAC thermostat. When controlling two indoor units with TADPT2, indoor units are controlled as a group, not individually. When controlling two indoor units, they should be in the same space as the thermostat. A field provided 24VAC transformer is required. Samsung multi-position AHU's contain a 24VAC transformer. TADPT2 is not compatible with Novus RAC systems (R**JSALBWKNCV, AR**JSFLBWKNCV). TADPT2 connects to the F1/F2 system communication line, therefore it does not need to be installed on/in the indoor unit(s). NOTE:Central controls (DMS2, DMS2.5, MIM-H03UN, MCM-A300N) cannot be used to control indoor units when using TADPT2 but monitoring only. TADPT2 will have priority when other controller devices are used and may cause undesired operation.